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    Get ready to fall in love with Frederic! Frederic, led by Editor-in-Chief Dara Caponigro, is a must-read for anyone who is discerning about design. Available at the Schumacher UK showroom or online, this lifestyle magazine is filled with a range of topics that comprise the well-lived life—interior and garden design, architecture, entertaining, art, color trends, gift guides and more.

    Frederic is named after the visionary Frederic Schumacher, who founded F. Schumacher & Co in 1889. He had the uncanny ability to predict what was coming next in the world of interior design. Being two steps ahead is what we aspire to do at our magazine so that you can always be ahead of the pack.

    Get inspired three times a year and stay up to date on the latest and greatest in design by following Frederic on Instagram @fredericmagazine.

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